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Learning Autodesk Revit Structure 2016 - Missing Files

I am only half way through the "Learning Autodesk Revit Structure 2016" tutorial, and I am finding that a lot of the sample projects that are being used aren't in the directories. Also, this is a 2016 tutorial, but what sample projects are available are 2014, so I have to wait for them to be updated. Either this is a terrible tutorial, or I have been given the wrong disk. What can I do, I have even downloaded more files from your site, but they are no better.
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  • Hi Steve,

    I looked into this and it looks like those files are in 2014 format on purpose. The author explained it like this:
    When a user opens an older file in a newer version of Revit, it automatically converts it to the latest version but the file itself stays the same. Having the files in the older format allows more users who have older versions of Revit to open the files and follow the tutorial. A user will see no difference if opening one of the 2014 version files or one that is converted to 2016.

    Converting these files to the 2016 version will limit and reduce your customers to only those having Revit 2016 meaning customers who have Revit 2015 or 2014 will not be able to open the files as there is no backwards compatibility in Revit. This was the reason we created older version files in the first place. Autodesk themselves ships older version files for the same reasons.


    Tim Dundr

    So, you do have the correct and most recent files for that video course.

    I hope that helps,
    Chris Olson
    O'Reilly Book Support
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