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I’m a bit under appreciated - like just another chunk of change

Lack of Updates to Paying Customers - Not the Norm & this n that

Much to my surprise - when I was checking your Maverick book, hoping for further insight, I was first surprised that when I signed in (the first book I bought was a real hassle to get the disk stuff as I buy through Apple so I recall what a hassle it was to access, hence the account.) I wanted to check one of the referenced CD extras, and much to my surprise, your book was very expanded yet though I bought as PDF thru iBooks, I was never given an update (all other books, even novels!, do so.) When I signed in, there was no reference to the numerous books I have purchased. And it looks like the update would be helpful: but I won't pay twice, especially as I bought it soon after release, and it was little help at the time. Here, I have to create yet ANOTHER account to post, yet your staff can't keep track of its purchasers. Very disappointed.
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  • Hi Linda,

    The ebooks that are purchased from Apple don't get the regular updates that the ebooks from do.   
    There isn't an easy way to update them in other reseller's systems.   That being said, I'm not sure I understand what you
    mean about the book being very expanded.   Once the book is released, we don't usually change much besides fixing typos
    or small updates if something changes.    The book purchased from Apple should have a page in the book where you can get
    the ebook upgrade for $4.99 which gives you the ebook on with no DRM and in multiple formats, so it can
    be read in almost any device.

    You say, when you sign in, there is no reference to the books that you purchased, but again, that's because you didn't purchase
    the books from us.  If you did, they would be in your account.    

    Also, Get Satisfaction is a separate website from, which is why you need to create a Get Satisfaction account to post here.

    Best regards,
    Chris Olson
    O'Reilly Book Support
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