Kerberos: The Definitive Guide ... Is it out of date?

The O'Reilly book was published in 2003. A lot has changed since 2003; Active Directory is everywhere (and Samba 4 is nearing release), the 'LDAP database' feature mentioned as experimental by a reviewer has surely matured within the last decade. IPv6 is mainstream, equally supported by Windows, Linux and BSD systems, and all three of those stacks have support for IPSec. And what about using AD's KDC in a central role on a network? The reviewer from 2003 also made several suggestions for fixes and cleanups.

I'd love to get to know more about Kerberos, and I want to learn more about using Kerberos auth for SASL, email, SSH...but I don't want to spend to pick up a security book a decade old.
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  • Tai Hake (Official Rep) June 11, 2012 23:57
    Hi Mikemol,
    thanks for contacting us about this. Unfortunately, we don't have any other titles specifically on Kerberos. Kerberos is mentioned in some of the older Microsoft Training kits, and resource kits, like this one:

    And a lot of the Server and Active Directory kits or books will at least cover it to some degree, but maybe not the depth you're looking for.

    All of our books come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you were to grab the book and it was too out of date or just not a good fit for your library, getting a refund is not a problem.
    Here is more info on our guarantee:

    Tai H.
    Customer Service Rep,
    O'Reilly Media
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