I’m frustrated

Just to let you know this problem is not fixed yet.

Hello, I am working through Head First HTML with CSS and XHTML and I am in Chapter two on page 46 and have been told to find the source files online so I am here at your site and a little box on the right hand side says to go to "this page" for the source files, so I click it and it takes me to the store and I click on my book as directed and . . . nothing, no links to source files that are obvious only option to buy the book, I have been searching both sites for like 40 mins now and if I didn't have to do this for school I would have dropped it ages ago, please help. I can't believe after all the instructions I have been getting on how to make a site navigable I am having to write to ask about something that should be so easy, sorry it's early and I'm tired, please please help?
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