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Thank You!

I am 3rd year telecoms student at ACE GroupT University College in Leuven Belgium.

To save a tree and weight, I started last year to experiment with using electronic books instead of printed ones when we needed to buy books. I bought a lot of books via the Kindle app on my Mac and from other publishing companies that did use the DRM protection of Adobe.

Although I like to save a tree by buying electronic books, my experiment did fail for the simple fact that when you have to study, you often need to make notes and compare several non continuos parts of a book. I do that by printing those parts and then analyse them further and make notes on them.

That seem not to be possible nor is it possible to export the books in PDF so it can be opened in Skim (a PDF reader for Apple OS X) and red by my screen reader (Ghost Reader for Apple OS X). It is also not possible to read the drm protected PDFs on LINUX or print parts of them.

I just wrote two letters to Wiley and Amazon Kindle team that I don't want to buy DRM protected ebooks anymore from them for studying, because it is just too restrictive.

Not every professor is aware of this drm-free initiative of O'Reilly. When I tell them, some of them are willing to reconsider their recommendations in favour of O'Reilly.

So, please consider this letter as a thank you for your drm-free initiative to sell ebooks. As a result most books I buy now, I first try to look for them at O'Reilly's.

Met vriendelijke groeten / Kind Regards,

Johan Havermans