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JavaScript Enlightenment From Library User to JavaScript Developer By Cody Lindley Code Examples

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JavaScript Enlightenment
From Library User to JavaScript Developer
By Cody Lindley
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Released: December 2012
Pages: 166

please point me to code examples link. I don't find on the catalog page. Thanks!
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  • Hello chat123 blah,

    The example code link for JavaScript Enlightenment is not found on the catalog page as a single download, but are in the JSFiddle online examples listed from each example. These examples are linked throughout the book. You can read about linked examples in the Preface:

    jsFiddle, JS Bin, and Firebug lite-dev
    "The majority of code examples in this book are linked to a corresponding jsFiddle page, where the code can be tweaked and executed online. The jsFiddle examples have been configured to use the Firebug lite-dev plugin so that the log function (i.e., console.log) will work in most any modern browser regardless of whether the browser has its own console. Before reading this book, make sure you are comfortable with the usage and purpose of console.log.

    In situations where jsFiddle and Firebug lite-dev caused complications with the JavaScript code JS Bin and Firebug Lite-dev will be used. I’ve tried to avoid a dependency on a browser console by using Firebug lite-dev but with certain code examples the solution itself gets in the way of code execution. In these situations the console built into your web browser will have to be leveraged to output logs. If you are not using a browser with a built-in JavaScript console, I would suggest upgrading or switching browsers.

    When JS Bin is used, keep in mind that the code has to be executed manually (clicking “Render”), which differs from the page load execution done by jsFiddle."

    Hope that helps and have a great day!

    Kind regards,
    Paul Fichera
    Customer Service Representative
    O'Reilly Media
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