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Javascript & jQuery the Missing Manual - Sending the todo list to a server with .param() method

On page 547, for "Javascript & jQuery the Missing Manual" book. In the "Save to Server" section there is a script example that uses the $.param() jQuery method. Is there a way to get more information on how the php page would look to process this serialized string object?
I ran the $.param() method in console.log() and it runs all the list items together with no spaces or commas, etc. to delimit the list item info. Is this intended or possibly a mistake? Does the script need something else to run? Maybe I'm overlooking something.
If php for example normally needs name/value pairs how would it work with this object, since the string created by the $.param() method doesn't seem to have any sort of delimiter to separate the names and values in the list items. I don't know how it would work and can't seem to make anything work so far. I couldn't find the $.param() method used with any php examples online.
Anyway, I enjoyed the book by the way. I'm just hung up on this one part and would love to get this to-do list so it stores the info in a database. Thanks.
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