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I’m working the social network

Is the new Facebook report worth the money?

How is it different from all the other information online about Facebook? What new and exciting stuff have you got in there?
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  • Lane, the report digs into the numbers (# developers, apps, most popular of each, adoption rate by category, etc.), so if you're interested in the quantitive side of the Facebook story, it should be useful. We're (I work for O'Reilly) also providing two updates of the data down the road--since it's growing so quickly, we think tracking the change in data over time will be interesting. The narrative part of the report looks at Facebook as a prime example of widget-driven development on the web. It's aimed at people who are trying to get a handle on how to get in on the social network/widget action. The excerpt at has the full TOC and the first few pages, which may help you decide if it's for you.

    Sara Winge, O'Reilly Radar
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