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Is the MAC OX X available on cd Rom?

Is the MAC OS X (the missing manual) available on CD? I don't want to drag a 5 lb book around with me.
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  • Hello Sadie,

    We don't make our books available on CD, though we are working to make all of them available as convenient ebook downloads from Regrettably Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, Leopard Edition, is not yet available, though I'm hoping it will be shortly after the beginning of 2009. In the meantime, you can access this book, as well as thousands more from leading tech publishers, via Safari Books Online ( ). For $42.99 a month you'll also have access to hundreds of hours of video training from, and you'll have the ability to download this and other books in PDF format to your computer for offline viewing. Safari offers a free 10-day trail account via the url above.

    I hope this helps, --Allen
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