Is it worth buying "Drupal for Designers" if you already have the titles it is a compilation of?

(Permission granted to repost this in public as appropriate).

I'm looking at the new title "Drupal for Designers" at with the thought of purchasing a e-book copy since it is currently on sale.

In the description of this title, it says: "This book is a compilation of three short guides—Planning Drupal Projects, Design and Prototyping for Drupal, and Drupal Development Tricks for Designers—plus exclusive "director’s material.""

I already have all three of those mentioned titles in e-book form. What is the "exclusive director's material" unique to this new title? Is there any reason why I would want to purchase it _in addition to_ the three titles I already have a copy of? Or would it basically just duplicate what I already have?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Joseph R. Justice
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    Hi Joseph,

    Thanks for checking! I'm the editor for Dani's books and have a list of changes here for you. The major changes:

    - Addition of a Short Form Project plan readers can use
    - Expansion of Grids chapter to include Square Grid
    - Addition of more recommended modules
    - Updates/corrections to content that haven't been changed in the smaller books yet

    Overall, the flow of the book is also different - where each guide handled a separate aspect of working in Drupal, which could come out in various places during a Drupal project (for example, both Planning and Managing and Design and Prototyping have content that relates to various stages of any given project), Drupal for Designers is set up to mostly follow the flow of a typical project, which makes it easier to refer back to, and understand the whole picture.

    • This is a useful response, and makes me feel like it might be worth getting this title in addition to the three short guides this title is built from (which I already have). It might be worth altering or adding to the existing blurb for this book to add this information -- the existing bit about "exclusive "director’s material"" doesn't really make it clear that there's non-trivial changes in the content or what they are.

      As an aside, if the existing blurbs for the three existing short guides don't already refer to this new title and why you might want to get it instead, you might want to make that change, so that people who would naturally have an interest in content beyond the scope of a single already existing short guide can be informed that there might be a better text for them to buy than one (or all three) of the short guides.

      Thanks for the timely response. I appreciate it.

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