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Is it ok to share to the public a chapter from my oreilly ebook ?

Hi people...

I have some ebooks from o'reilly, is it ok to share a chapter from those ebook to the public ? I mean I would like to post them on my blog, just a chapter from each ebook

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    I’m happy that you like the book enough to want to share it, but glad you asked whether it was OK.
    We'd rather you didn't. We publish sample chapters from our books -- and we also have almost all of our books available for search in Google Book Search -- but if people start posting random chapters, eventually, the whole book will be out there. (There are already lots of pirate sites that put up O'Reilly books for download, or try to resell them, but we don't want to give them any help.)

    We don't use DRM, but we do rely on the help of our customers to keep us in business. If we don't sell books, we can't afford to publish them. Now there are cases where we make the business decision that putting a book up for free will help sales rather than hurt them, but that's our business decision to make, and we prefer if our readers didn't take this into their own hands.

    We love the exposure. But please link to the samples that are available on instead.
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