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Is 'C in a Nutshell' a book for beginners too ?

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  • Hi Ravish,

    Thanks for your question. C in a Nutshell is a complete reference to C, so it should be useful to beginners and experienced programmers. It would not be the only C book you would want if you're completely new to C or new to programming, but it should be a very important resource. Here's more about C in a Nutshell from the book's Preface:

    This book is a complete reference to the C programming language and the C runtime library. As a Nutshell book, its purpose is to serve as a convenient, reliable companion for C programmers in their day-to-day work. It describes all the elements of the language and illustrates their use with numerous examples...

    ...This book is not an introduction to programming in C. Although it covers the
    fundamentals of the language, it is not organized or written as a tutorial. If you are new to C, we assume that you have read at least one of the many introductory books, or that you are familiar with a related language, such as Java or C++.

    Another book that may be useful is C Pocket Reference.

    Ideal as an introduction for beginners and a quick reference for advanced programmers, the C Pocket Reference consists of two parts: a compact description of the C language and a thematically structured reference to the standard library.

    To see if these books are right for you, I'd recommend checking out the Google Previews and full Tables of Contents available on the books' pages on our site.

    The authors of C in a Nutshell also recommend The C Programming Language as a companion to their book.

    I hope this helps.

    Have a great day!

    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Media, Inc.
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