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Is there a ToC API?


We are two computer science students working on our master thesis, where we try to get an overview of the curriculum at our university (the Norwegian University of Science and Technology).

Our university has just merged with three other collages, so we are curious to see if we can find any courses that overlap with each other, in terms of what is being taught.

In order to do this, we need to know the curriculum of each course. Given an ISBN, we currently have a script that uses this[1] endpoint to get the link to the book, and then scrapes the TOC section of the book. That way we get an idea of what the book is about.

The main issue we have, is that the website HTML is a bit inconsistent, and that the ISBN search sometimes does not find the book (even though we know it exists).

Does anyone have any suggestion on how we can get the TOC of an O’Reilly book, given an ISBN? Is there some kind of API we can use?

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