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irRemote_Arduino-Controlled Robot

Hello. I recently purchased the IR receiver tsop4838. I've connected to the Arduino as the book says, and then I loaded the sketch "Learning Remote". I open the serial monitor and press the keys on the remote but nothing happens. I tested with three different controls I have at home and not work. Do I need some kind of TV remote with a specific protocol? Should I make any changes to the library "irRemote"?

The commands I used are Samsung TV and air conditioning AIRWELL.
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  • Brian Jepson (Editor, Maker Media, Inc.) February 02, 2013 19:01
    Hi David,

    I asked the author about this, and here's what he had to say:

    Although the code and hardware described in the book will work with most common tv type controls, it won't work with all. I came across some Toshiba remotes that don't work and a google search shows that some samsung remotes also may not work. I suggest trying other remote controllers. Every Sony controller I have tested has worked, so if a Sony control can be borrowed to test, that can confirm if the problem is due to the controller. If it doesn't work with a good Sony controller, then the problem lies elsewhere.

    The creator of the irremote library used for decoding the ir data has a website with some debugging tips:

    A google search for irremote and Arduino will result in lots of hits relating to the decoding library used in the book
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