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ipod email

I hoped your book would answer this but it didn't. Can you please help.
With Ipod touch I clicked on email icon.
I had choices for gmail, aol, and a couple others plus Other.
I chose gmail, filled out the fields, but was not on a wifi network.
Now, how do I get back to the original choices when I hit the email icon. I'd like to choose Other and use netzero.
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    You manage your email accounts via "Settings." Launch the "Settings" app and choose "Mail, Contacts, Calendars." You'll see an option to "Add Account..." If you select an existing account, such as your gmail account, you'll find an big red button, "Delete Account" to remove it from your iPod.

    Information about the settings menu is found in Chapter 3 of iPhone: The Missing Manual, specifically section 3.6, "What's in the Settings Menu."

    I hope this information helps you. Good luck.
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