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I’m frustrated

Ipod book

Dear O'Reilly,

I purchased the Missing Manuel for the Ipod Touch and I found it as useless and confusing as the original Apple manual.

Oh yes, there was the wonderful color pictures, slick paper and all the rest of it, but when I tried to apply the instructions, there was no picture to match that instruction. Also, some of the page numbers in the index do not match the actual page. Here is a tip: try printing in black and white pictures because it doesn't cause a distraction when looking at the picture and compairing it to the piece of equpment in a person's hand.

I could go on and on but I solved my problem and took the book back to Boarders, NY for a full refund. What did I get? A store credit. So much for O'Reilly's disclaimer about "getting your money back" if you are not satisfied. Why not tell the bookstore about the disclaimer.

I doubt if I will ever buy an O'Reilly book again. (I don't think you really care.) It seems that the IPod book was just like all the others on the shelf: 'catchy title, slick presentation on the outside, usless confusion on the inside' but we have your money now and we are banking on you not bothering to ask for it back back. How sad.
Never again.

Disappointed and disatisfied,

Ms. P. Jones
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  • Dear Ms. P. Jones,

    I'm very sorry to hear about your experience, especially the double insult of your refund. Borders is a reseller of our products and their return policy is out of our hands. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for customers who purchase direct, and we try to instill that in our partners.

    With that said, I'd like to address your disappoint with this book. iPod: The Missing Manual ( has gone through 9 editions as we've kept up with the release of new devices, and I know of a couple cases where customers purchased old editions of the book, and not the latest that covered their device. Can you do me a favor and check the catalog page of the most recent edition at the link above and confirm it's the book you purchased? If not, we'll gladly send you a copy of this latest edition.

    Regards, --Allen
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