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iPad app is MIA

After borrowing a friend's iPad and being pleased with the Safari Books Online iPad app's offline caching, I purchased an iPad for Christmas with the intent to use this app. However, I cannot find the app in the App Store anymore, and don't see anything online about it being rejected - am I just failing to see the app, or what?
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  • Hi TML,

    I'm sorry for the confusion. The app has been removed from the App Store by Safari, pending improvements. See details below, from a blog post by CJ Rayhill.

    iPad App, Safari To Go, Update – November 24, 2010

    Since we launched the Safari To Go iPad app on November 3rd, we’ve kept a close eye on your reviews and feedback about the app. While some of you told us the app has useful features, many have also told us that we have work to do before this app delivers the quality experience you have come to expect from Safari Books Online. We hear you loud and clear, and are removing the Safari To Go iPad app from the App Store until we can deliver an updated, improved app. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

    If you have already downloaded the app and would like to continue using it, you are welcome to do that. You can also access your account on your mobile device via our mobile site, m.safaribooksonline.com. From the mobile site you can enjoy Safari Books Online while on the go from a variety of mobile devices and readers, including the iPad, Kindle, Android, iPhone and many others.

    We’ll keep you updated on our progress via the Safari Books Online blog, http://www.safaribooksonline.com/blog and our social sites (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and will let you know when the improved app is available for download in the App Store.

    As always, we appreciate you letting us know how we can make Safari Books Online better.

    CJ Rayhill, SVP
    Product Management & Technology
    Safari Books Online

    Feel free to add a comment to the blog post with your feedback about the app, to help with the next version. I hope that the mobile version of the site (m.safaribooksonline.com) will be a good experience for you in the meantime.


    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Media, Inc.
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