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index for "iPhone - the Missing Manual" (8th edition)

My husband had to buy an iPhone 6 for his new job, but I have always been the IT person in the family from the time we started with Apple computers for our business in 1994. He is helpless when it comes to troubleshooting, and I am helpless in trying to help him because I don't use the phone, and much about it is foreign to me as we are still using desktops and not iPads.

So I bought the iPhone Missing Manual (8th edition), fully confident it would serve our needs. However, I have found so many index entries which, when one goes to the cited page, have nothing at all to do with the subject one is looking for. Unfortunately I have not kept track of them, but just as a for instance, today I went looking for how to find what OS he's got, I looked under "updates" where it lists something on page 579, and page 579 is the title page for Appendixes!
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  • Hi Robert.

    As you've discovered, the index in your book has some incorrect entries due to an error that wasn't caught before the book went to the printer. We're very sorry about this, and David Pogue feels terrible about it.

    You can find a corrected index here:

    (There's a link to the corrected index at the bottom of the book's Missing CD page, located here: .)

    In case it's helpful, the incorrect page numbers in the index are off by exactly 10 pages. So, for example, if it points you to page 546, the correct page number is actually 556. And I believe the errors are restricted to the latter part of the book--index entries about the first half (or so) of the book are correct.

    Sorry again for the trouble.

    Associate Editor
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