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I’m frustrated and angry, because I needed the listed information tonight!

Incomplete Office 2008 for Macintosh-No Practice files, etc

I purchased this book at Frys, because in the back it says I will be able to get practice files, etc..., but I can't even see all the pages! I would not have purchased this book if I had known this and I will return it tomorrow, if this is the case. Please email me an answer, ASAP!
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  • Hi Kat,

    We're sorry for the inconvenience you have been caused. To access the examples for this book, as well as the Missing CD that is mentioned in the text, go to the books catalog page:

    (or you can get there by searching for the title on

    Once you're on the book's catalog page, look on the left hand side, under the picture of the cover.

    You should see two links - one says 'Examples' and the other says 'Missing CD' - these should both be helpful in getting you all the extra material mentioned in book.

    Also - if you purchased the book and, as I believe you said, it had missing pages, please contact our customer service department so they may help assist you in resolving this issue. They can be reached at (800) 889-8969.

    Kind regards,
    O'Reilly Media
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