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I’m frustrated

In Access 2007 why do (1)Switchboards sometimes lockup and (2)Update Queries not update?

Access 2007 The Missing Manual is an excellent manual and very easy to read and undersatnd. However, I have looked for two specific solutions to problems in the manaul and have been unable to resolve them. (1) I use the Switchboard extensively. There are times when the macros lock up. I must exit out of Switchboard and reenter. I thought at first it was due to closing files, but that has not helped. (2) I often get Non Updateable Queries as an error message. I have yet to determine why. My relationships seem to be okay but some queries will work while others will not. I would like to see some specifics on that issue.

I have not been able to find any reference to these two problems in the manual. Also, I could not find this book listed on your products below.
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