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I’m frustrated

In WordPress, the Missing Manual, Softaculous autoinstaller instructions are confusing. Please update or rewrite.

In WordPress, the Missing Manual, I was very excited that now I would be able to get going on my own website. There is a strong recommend for using Softaculous. But the information on using Softaculous for installing WordPress (MacDonald, 2012, 2014, pp. 61-63) is confusing to me. I am frozen.

Also, Hostgator cpanel has already installed WordPress, so how do I reconcile these 2 sets of information?

Once I clicked on Softaculous under the cPanel (at hostgator) it led me to the Softaculous website. However, there was nothing recognizable at the Softaculous website that coincided with the instructions in your book. Perhaps, an illustration or link to updates would be helpful. Perhaps you would add further comments about if it is necessary to uninstall or reinstall WordPress with Softaculous once we already have WordPress installed.

I have been trying to think through this problem and I would like to get past this issue. I keep returning to the instructions, but have come to the conclusion that they are insufficient.

As you state, don't do anything unless you know what you are doing. So more instructions at this point would be helpful.

Would you help me through this? Thanks!
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