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Improving the site search engine

I was reading your article on building a search engine here,

You can improve this on your occurrence table, remove the id, there's no need for it, you can use a composite key with pageID and wordID. count is a running total of the occurrences of a word (as opposed to multiple redundant entries).

You can also very easily search for multiple words by modifying your search query to this,
SELECT p.page_url AS url,
SUM(`count`) AS occurrences
FROM page p, word w, occurrence o
WHERE p.page_id = o.page_id AND
w.word_id = o.word_id AND
w.word_word IN ("$keyword1", "$keyword2", "$keywordN")
GROUP BY p.page_id
ORDER BY occurrences DESC
LIMIT $results"

That can work with one keyword or an infinite number, and the change in the structure for indexing will greatly reduce space with your bridging table.
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