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iMovie 10 -- Total File Management?

I just purchased iMovie the Missing Manual (2014). Since day one, my iMovie 10 files have been seriously disorganized both in iMovie Library and in my Users/Movies folder on my iMac. And the 2 don't seem to correspond. Where does the manual show me how to organize movie clips, events, projects. finished movies? Thanks.
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  • Hello Mike,

    Sorry for the frustration and confusion that you are facing, and we do appreciate you interest in iMovie: the Missing Manual. On page 37 I found this information that I hope you will find useful:

    "If you’re used to iMovie ’11, you might be confused about where to find your projects
    in the new iMovie. That’s because you’re expecting a Project Library where iMovie
    keeps all your videos. But the new program stores projects inside events. Apple
    figures that most movies you create are based on events, so why not keep the raw
    footage and your working movie together? A Walker Reunion project, for example,
    will use clips from the Walker Reunion event, so iMovie stores the project in that event.
    This is just iMovie’s way of organizing things, and it doesn’t—and shouldn’t—stop
    you from using footage from one event in another. You can even use footage across
    libraries (though in that case, iMovie abandons the pointer system and actually
    copies the footage from Library 1 to Library 2).
    If you can’t remember which event holds the project you want, don’t waste time
    hunting for it—choose All Projects in the Libraries list (Figure 4-2). iMovie displays
    every project in every event in every library. Double-click a project name to get
    working on it."

    I hope this helps and have a great day!

    Best regards,
    Paul Fichera
    Customer Service Representative
    O'Reilly Media
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  • Thank you. I actually found this text later myself. It was a relief to finally understand how the file system works, at least most of it. iMovie the Missing Manual is the only place I was able to find a clear explanation of this critically important piece of the puzzle. Thanks again.

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