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I'll pre-purchase the new Vim edition if a see a review.

Advance reviews of 7th edition of the Vim book?

I'm wanting to buy the 7th edition. The 2nd was the first O'Reilly book I bought and I've been hooked on you guys since then. One would think that with a release date in June, you folks would be trying to create some buzz by doing the pre-release review thing. Can't find anything on it. Perhaps I'm naive about scheduling these days and galleys for that early a review aren't available. Just some feedback.
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  • Hello Tomaso,

    Our authors and editors usually arrange for a panel of tech reviewers to comment on books before they go to the printer, and we often get quotes and reviews during that process. Once a book is complete, we then send out review copies to press and bloggers. Do you have a blog, or would you commit to writing a review for, amazon, or for your favorite retailer once the book comes out? If so, I could arrange for you to receive a copy.

    Regards, --Allen
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