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This company needs some help. It should not be difficult to open a tutorial DVD! I've just purchased the Dreamweaver tutorial book + DVD, and after needing this annoyingly designed website to help me open video files(!), now i have found that the audio on the tutorials sucks... as in it skips during almost every word. I hope I can find the receipt for this because it's going right back to the store. Oh yeah, and gauging the likelyhood of whether or not this problem report will be noticed???? EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR PROBLEMS SHOULD BE NOTICED. period. YOU"RE THE ONES WHO GAVE US FAULTY PRODUCTS!

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  • I’m sorry for your frustration.
    Hello illprobablyneverposthereagain,

    It sounds like you may have a faulty DVD. If that is the case, we'd be happy to get a replacement DVD sent out immediately. If you would like a replacement DVD please e-mail with your shipping address. You can also e-mail any questions you have about book support problems here as well, and our Book Support rep can help you out. Or you can continue to post them on Get Satisfaction, whichever is easier for you.
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