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IDVD--Retaining picture clarity in slideshow and menu

RE: Using IDVD and Slideshow Photo Clarity lost after burning DVD's

I've been having problems with IDVD (or finding a resolution) to create a DVD with a picture slideshow that retains
the picture clarity on the main menu page as well as the slideshow. I tried near everything.
I've called Apple Support numerous times, including going into a local Mac Store and took my 2008 IMAC in.
I also bought the book from The Mac Store in Beaverton OR "Imovie 08 and IDVD- The Missing Manual". In addition, I have reviewed the apple forum, including notes on macworld, etc...and I still haven't found a resolution.

I reviewed the notes/pages regarding IDVD (in Pogue's book Imovie 08 and IDVD, The Missing Manual) and was unable to locate anything about photo clarity, why its compromised or how to retain the clarity when creating slideshows (in IDVD) I have burned several DVD's using all three types of encodings. In addition. I have resized (reduced) the resolution in my pictures and re-created a DVD and did the reverse as well by increasing the quality of the pictures taken in my camera and not much changed to enhance (or should I say retain) the photo clarity.

I have a new 2008 IMAC and a good Canon SX100IS Camera (8 MP). Both of these should be good as is.

Any feedback is highly appreciated. I love IDVD and would like to continue using it, but will admit that it is very important to me that my photo's remain clear as I'm creating these as gifts for people.

Someone mentioned that Toast by: Roxio is good, but I would prefer to continue using IDVD if possible.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you,
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