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Identifying "files" folders associated with saved Safari pages

OS X Tiger Edition
Where is described how to identify "files" folders that where created when saving Safari pages?
It seems the respective "files" folders are needed to open (properly) the saved Safari pages. But which files folder belong to what pages?
This seems to be a mess.
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  • Hi toging,

    Are you trying to save web pages in Safari so you can return to them online later, like a bookmark, or are you using File > Save As to save page source or web archives offline?

    If you are bookmarking pages, you can organize your bookmarks by going to Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks. In that view, you can delete or move any bookmarks or folders of bookmarks. To delete a bookmarked page or a folder, just select it and use the delete key. To move a bookmarked page or a folder, select it and drag it into another folder.

    If you are saving web pages as Web Archive or as Page Source, you can set where any downloaded files or saved pages are saved to by going to Safari > Preferences > General, and then selecting your desired folder where it says "Save downloaded files to:".

    If you just save the page source, you may not be able to view the complete web page offline. To save the complete page, save your pages as Web Archives (See section Viewing Web pages offline).

    Let us know if you still have questions.


    Rachel James
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