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Ibis renders epub files incorrectly. UTF-8 encoding gives weird characters.

I tried to read an ebook I have ("Sex at Dawn") on Ibis but it just won't read the file correctly. I looked at the meta character information for my ebooks and they all supposedly are UTF-8. On Ibis: quotes, umlauts, accents, apostrophes etc. are very nasty looking. It didn't help to try various ISO IBM or Windows encodings that come with Firefox. I tried several books on the site. My books are displayed fine on other sites or by other apps. But I'd really like to use this Ibis site to read my ebooks 'cause the layout is just fabulous. The books don't have this problem when I try to read them on the bookworm site but that is another issue. Well, that's that. Of course, any help is greatly appreciated.
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