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I need specifics for embedding sound files in InDesign

I love that you can embed sound files in InDesign and export to PDF. The difficulty is finding compatible sound files. You can import WAV, AU and AIF files. I spent hours downloading WAV files only to find that I can't import most of them. What are the specifics of a compatible WAV file? I also want to record my voice and embed that - great for a personalized letter. I've been using "Audacity" to record voice and it does a great job but only makes WAV or MP3 files. I've downloaded a plug-in to convert sound files but it doesn't make AU or AIF files. Interactive PDFs are supposed to be leading edge - Google will be rolling out E-Magazines soon. The interactive PDF is supposedly a better solution to HTML in websites. I've spent hours searching for more information on embedding sounds in InDesign. (Please see book "Dynamic Media" by Bob Connolly.) O'Reilly books, please consider making a book or DVD just on the Interactive PDF.
My wish list for this new book would be: detailed info on types of sound and movie files. What the criteria are specifically for sound and movie compatibility. How to record a person speaking to place in InDesign - recommended programs and types of microphones. Detailed info on buttons and states of buttons and several really impressive examples of great Interactive PDFs. How to find importable sound and movie files.
thank you.
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