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I’m frustrated

I have a new MacBook Pro with Mavericks OS. Since iDVD is not part of the OS, where do I get it?

I'm looking to produce a DVD with menus to select various slideshow events and/or play the entire DVD.
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  • Hi Carmen,

    If you want to create DVDs with the options you're specifying, you could find a variety of third-party applications for that purpose (I haven't tested any, so I don't want to make a recommendation). The only way to do it exactly as you have with iDVD in the past would be to buy a boxed version of iLife 'll (sold, for example, at Amazon), which is the last version of the suite that came with iDVD.

    I hope that helps. Unfortunately, Apple seems to be trying to move everyone to the iTunes->AppleTV model of distribution for home movies, which requires users looking to make DVDs to go elsewhere or back in time to software Apple no longer distributes or supports.

    Brian Sawyer
    Senior Editor, Missing Manuals
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