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I’m thrilled and feel accomplished!

I found a way to get Phone Numbers from .CVS to import into Gmail. I did it in a 2-step process using both Excel & Vcard

First import your most basic .CSV file to Gmail. Having just the basics of: First Name, Last Name, E-mail Address, Phone Number. As you will notice, Gmail will import the contacts while 'shoving' the phone number into Notes area of each particular contact.

Second... (using Apple) import the same .CSV file that you just imported to Gmail, into your stock Apple Address Book. You will notice it only imports the Name and Phone Number of each contact. This is where you Export the entire Group to vCard and save.

Third... Go back to Gmail, import the vCard you just saved. Gmail will now show two separate imports listed to your left. This is where the "merge duplicates" comes in real handy at the top of the imported group. Click on it and it will then combine AND display the each of your contacts with their: First Name, Last Name, E-mail, and Phone Number. Yay! :)

(I need this for business, so I can group text all my clients and send out monthly promos and deals.)

Hope this helps anyone in need.
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