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I already own a hard copy of David Pogue's Mac OS X Snow Leopard. What is ebook upgrade code?

I purchased a copy of David Pogue's Mac OS X Snow Leopard from a retailer and want to purchase the correlated eBook to use on my computer. I followed these instructions from what seemed like a relevant posting here:

Obtaining ebooks from previously purchased O'Reilly publications
Do you mean O'Reilly/Adobe Developer Library books? If so, then yes, so long as they are available in ebook formats. You can use our 499UP ebook upgrade to purchase ebook equivalents for $4.99 each. Here's all you need to do:
* Register your books if you haven't already at
* Add the books to our cart and use code 499UP
* Download your DRM-free books from our media management system.

I was able to register my book, but when I enter the 499UP code the system informs me this is an invalid code. I guess this series of books requires a different code. Can you please tell me the proper code? Thank you.
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