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I have an Apple Mac Pro running Yosemite with iMovie 10.0.6. Will this manual, 2014 release covers 10 for Mac, be suitable for this version?

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  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your interest in iMovie: The Missing Manual. It appears as if this book would fit your needs as the upgrades made for iMovie Version 10.0.6 are:

    "Updated look for OS X Yosemite
    New file export options including Custom H.264, ProRes, and Audio Only
    Share any video frame as an image"

    This information was found here:

    These upgrades don't appear as if they alter the main aspects of iMovie, and the content of this 432 page book should be helpful to you. Have a great day!

    Best regards,
    Paul Fichera
    O'Reilly Media
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