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How to use coupon code on safari

I recently received a discount code for the upcoming MongoDB: The Definitve Guide book. Since I am anxious to read this book, I decided to purchase the print/online bundle. However, I do not see a place to enter the code. My guess is that the code only works on the main oreilly site and not on Safari. Is this true? The same seems to be true if I wanted to get in on the 3-for-2 package.
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  • Hello Ivan,

    I'm not sure which code you mean, but I suspect you're referring to an offer that is only good through Safari is a separate service and O'Reilly discounts cannot be used on Safari. In order to use the discount on, just type it into the discount field on the first page of our shopping cart. The discounted price will appear on the next part of the cart.

    If you have any questions, please contact O'Reilly customer service:

    Regards, --Allen
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