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How to save a document in iWorks 09 that was made from another document?

My problem with iWork 09 is as follows. I am the secretary for a small club and write the minutes of our monthly meeting. I want to use last months minutes as a template for this months. Instead of making a template I want to use a trick I still use at work on Microsoft Word, that is I call up a document and change some small item in the document and then rename it to reflect the new document. In this case it would be last months minutes and change the date then rename it this months minutes. However when I do this in Pages I get a message that says "The document "Untitled" could not be saved as "CLSA Minutes 9-10-09.pages." You do not have permission." "To view or change permission, select the item in finder and choose File>Get Info.

The file I'm working does not appear in finder as it has not yet been saved, and the original file has no permissions needed to do anything on or to it. I live alone and do not put any permissions of any sort on any document that I write. The Inspector window and the window on the left reflect this, but pages will not give me permission to copy, change, alter, view, or print a document of which I am the author and sole owner. The same happens when I try to make last months minutes into a template. When I go to save the new document I get the same message.
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    This one doesn't sound like a Pages-specific issue, but rather that the Mac OSX file system is blocking the save for some reason. There could be a problem with the permissions on the folder where the file is being saved (or, in this case, not saved).

    In the Finder, try selecting the Folder where you're trying to save the file and choose "File>Get Info." At the very bottom, you'll see the "Sharings & Permissions" panel (you may need to click the flippy triangle to see its contents). It should show that your account has read/write permissions. If not, click the lock icon in the lower-right corner, enter your administrator username and password, and then change the privileges to Read & Write.

    If you're still not able to save the file, you might try saving it elsewhere on your computer; can you save it to your desktop, for example?

    Hope that helps!
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