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I’m frustrated

How to keep my "Happy With" changes???????

When using the quick selection tool, how do I save the only says that once I am happy with my selection, that's all. That' all what?????????????
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  • Hi Dianne.

    I believe you're asking about the book "Photoshop Elements 6: The Missing Manual," correct?

    The phrase you asked about--"that's all"--simply means that, at that point in the tutorial, you're done making a selection with the Quick Selection tool and you can now do whatever it was you wanted to do to the selection. For example, you could copy the selection, adjust its coloring, and so on. "That's all" just means you're done selecting so you can now do other things.

    Here's quick refresher from the beginning of Chapter 5 about what selections let you do:
    One of Elements' most impressive talents is its ability to let you select part of your image and make changes only to that area. Selecting something tells Elements, "Hey, this is what I want to work on. Just let me work on this part of my picture and don't touch the rest of it." You can select your entire image or any part of it.

    By using selections, you can fine-tune your images in very sophisticated ways. You could change the color of just one rose in a whole bouquet, for instance, or change your nephew's festive purple hair color back to something his grandparents would appreciate. Graphics pros will tell you that good selections make the difference between shoddy amateurish work and a slick professional job.

    I hope that helps.

    Associate Editor, Missing Manuals
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