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How to fix broken alias on MAC OS10.6?

Broken Alias cannot be restored as described in MAC OS X Snow Leopard: Page 82: Broken Alias. First: When double-klicking the broken file the dialogue box as shown on Fig. 2-7 doesn't open. Second: When marking the broken file and click File>Get info, the pop-up window doesn't contain the tab "Select New Original" as explained under the "Tip" box on page 82.. Q: HOW TO FIX REALLY A BROKEN ALIAS?
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  • Hi,

    I'm sorry for the confusion. I'm not sure why the dialog box wouldn't be opening for you when you double-click the file, but I do have an idea about the Get Info option. In the Get Info box, can you expand the General section? When I created and broke an alias (by deleting the original file), the Select New Info button showed up under General.

    If you don't see this option here either, I'm curious what happens when you try to open the alias. Does nothing happen?

    I'm sorry this isn't working for you, and I hope we can figure it out.


    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Media
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