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I’m frustrated

How to dowload the Excel 2007 practice exercise propery and not in code.

I downloaded the practice exercise, but all I get is written codes. The reason I bought the book for excel 2007 is to be able to use the exercise provided in the site. I would like to have some advice on how to dowload the exercise properly. Thank you.
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  • Hi Yaritza,

    I'm sorry for the frustration. Are you looking for the practice/example files for Excel 2007: The Missing Manual? If so, try downloading and unzipping this zip file, which contains all of the practice files for the book.

    If you are clicking on download links on the web page and seeing pages of weird code or nonsense, try right-clicking the files instead and then choosing Save As...

    I hope this helps.

    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Media, Inc.
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