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I’m frustrated!

How to Access MS Office 2011 Forums

Does anyone out there have the magic decoder ring for getting Office:mac 2011 tech support from MS? I cannot save a 38-tab Excel document through either Save or Save As ... (Saving to a different location does not work; saving to a different format does not work.) I can find a forum where several others have been reporting since November that they have my problem ("Excel 2011 - "Document not saved." Error"), but the Test Lead for Mac Excel has been answering with the same message since November: "can you send me your file and show me how to trigger the error message? If I can get it reproduce on my Mac, I can try find a workaround and maybe ultimately find a fix." When I sign in to leave a comment, nothing happens (there is no place to leave a comment) and when i try to Reply to an existing comment, nothing happens. So I click on Contact Us and get a screen that says "No Access. Sorry, you have no access to visit this area." one time and "Error. No host memory" the next time. If I click on the Home page, I find the headline "The verdict is in. Office for Mac 2011 is a winner." Uh-huh.
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