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I’m stoked to learn this stuff

How effective are these forums

I am trying to teach myself JavaScript and was wondering how active these forums actually are. Have any of you actually been helped? Do you know of any other forums for discussion on this topic?
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  • Hi JackJohn,

    We have forums relating to two of our JavaScript books, both of which are pretty active: Head First JavaScript and Learning PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. These forums will probably be most useful if you're also using one of the books, but can be a good place to ask questions even if you're not.

    Another book that would be useful for learning JavaScript, though it doesn't have a forum, is JavaScript: The Missing Manual.

    Other forums that may be useful to you are O'Reilly Answers, our community knowledge sharing site, where you can ask questions of our experts and our community, and

    I'd also recommend checking out the JavaScript library, jQuery. It's a really useful tool for writing JavaScript and has a lot of good documentation.

    Have fun learning JavaScript!


    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Media, Inc.
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