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How do you make a DVD copy of an iMovie from the project library?

After editing and completing my iMovie in the project library I went to "share" in the DVD menu bar to create a project in order to burn the movie onto a disc. However, even though the movie is 1 hour and 57 minutes long I keep getting a message that the movie is too long and therefore it will not do it. What should I do.? I have an iMac., version 10.6.6, 8 GB.

Thank you.
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  • Hi Benedict,

    It sounds like this problem can sometimes be caused by your project settings. You can read about this on pages 391-393 of iMovie & iDVD: The Missing Manual.

    You make your choice for the current project by choosing Project➝Project Info, or for future projects by choosing iDVD➝Preferences,
    and then clicking the Projects button.
    “Best performance” refers to how quickly iDVD burns your
    disc. If you choose this option, your video will look fantastic, and your Mac
    can burn the disc relatively quickly. That’s because iDVD doesn’t optimize the
    movie—meaning it doesn’t analyze the video to cut out extraneous data, like the
    parts of a movie that don’t change from one frame to the next. As a result, iDVD
    burns an exact replica of your movie down to the byte, so you can only burn
    movies that last a maximum of 60 minutes for standard DVDs. (You get about
    120 minutes for dual-layer DVDs; see “The Burn” on page 396.)

    Best Performance can only be used for videos that are 60 minutes or less for standard DVDs, so if your project is set to Best Performance, that could be the problem. If you try using High Quality or Professional Quality instead, that may solve the problem.

    Here are some discussions of similar issues on Apple's forums:


    I hope that helps!

    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Media
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