How can I register eBooks purchased through a third party?

I've purchased several O'Reilly books via the Google play store at 4.99, but never registered them. I recently (just now) created an O'Reilly account, and my purchases via my smart phone do not show up. How do I associate my prior ebook purchases with my new O'Reilly account? BTW upgrading them is really not an option I'm interested in. If the ebooks are truly DRM free I should be able to register them even if I purchased them from a third party. After all the app lets me export it as ePub so I could move it to my laptop if I wanted. Can't you tell I own it already? What if I changed the Email address on my O'Reilly account to match the one I used for the play store? Would the accounts sync? Seems kind of dumb to pay twice for an eBook I already own.
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  • Hello Abe,

    I'd be happy to help. What you purchased from the Google play store doesn't appear in your O'Reilly account because they are two different stores. For an ebook to be in your O'Reilly account you would have to purchase it from O'Reilly.

    To take advantage of the $4.99 ebook upgrade you will have to register print books,and those purchased from the Google play store couldn't be registered because they aren't print books.

    The accounts wouldn't sych because O'Reilly has a different account system than Google play. We can't tell that you own the title since it wasn't purchased from O'Reilly. Thanks for your interest in O'Reilly titles and have a great day!

    Kind regards,
    Paul Fichera
    Customer Service Representative
    O'Reilly Media
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