how bundle works????

Thanks for ur reply but i am trying to figure out this bundle option

1: As u mentioned " There is a specific option to include the ebook + print bundle. It's right beneath the ebook only option on each book's catalog page."

I cant find bundle option, can you plz explain it again???

2: what actually bundle is??? Is "bundle" attached with the no of books (print/ebook), OR with some thing else...Is not it after certain no of books it should atomatically become a bundle and should offer the reduce value to custmer???
why i need to select bundleoption???

i am waiting for Leslie Crandell to answer the questions regarding Site Licence that i asked early

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  • Hello m ali,

    I'd be happy to help. The "bundle" is the buying option to purchase the ebook and print book of the same title at a reduced price. On the page for the book on to the right there are buying options and they include the Ebook, the Print & Ebook, and Print. The middle option is the Print & Ebook at a discounted price. The Print & Ebook option is where you purchase the same print and ebook of the same title at a discounted price.

    You would want to choose the Print & Ebook buying option because it is less expensive than buying the ebook and print book separately if you want both the print and ebook. Most titles have a Print & Ebook buying option. Have a great day!

    Kind regards,
    Paul Fichera
    Customer Service Representative
    O'Reilly Media
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