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How to upgrade ebooks?

For some reason I'm under the impression that buying an ebook on the oreilly.com web site provides for the (for pay) option of future upgrades to new editions of the ebook?

I bought the Version Control with Git ebook from oreilly.com just before the 2nd edition came out, and now I'd like to upgrade to the newest edition. I don't see any link to do so anywhere in the My Products entry for that ebook. I can't find anywhere else on the site to effect this upgrade either.

To be clear, I'm not wanting to upgrade from or to any print book, I'm trying to go from ebook 1st ed to ebook 2nd ed. Also, to be clear, I'm not expecting the upgrade for free, just at a discount, like you do for "print upgrades to ebooks".

Maybe I'm mistaken and this isn't a supported feature of your ebooks. If it is a feature, perhaps it should be better documented on your site. I searched everywhere on your site and using google and couldn't find any reference to it. If such a page already exists, please provide a link for me to peruse.

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