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How to retain bookmarks/highlights/notes in iBooks (epub) when new editions are released?

When a new edition of a given O'Reilly ebook I am reading in Apple's iBooks becomes available, how do I replace the old version with the new and retain all of my bookmarks and highlights? I've purchased all of the O'Reilly books I have via the O'Reilly site. Thanks for any insight. Losing all my highlights and the accompanying notes isn't an option for me.

Thanks! - Mike
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  • Hi Michael,

    A new edition is essentially a different book, so you couldn't retain bookmarks and highlights from one edition and apply them to the next edition. Nothing would match up.

    Best regards,
    Chris Olson
    O'Reilly Book Support
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  • Thanks, Chris.

    That's disappointing to hear. :( I have since read if you purchase a book from the iBooks store and a new edition is released, iBooks delivery will make an attempt to retain your highlights and bookmarks. It will maintain them if the highlighted section isn't modified beyond a certain threshold and, if it is, it will keep the highlights/notes in an "Old Notes" section.

    This is great for iBooks delivery, but I've bought all my O'Reilly library direct from O'Reilly. When I drop in a newly downloaded from the O'Reilly site edition of a book into iBooks, it isn't recognized as the "same book" and therefore iBooks doesn't attempt to migrate the user assigned data.

    I hate to change my method for purchasing books from O'Reilly to the iBooks store, but it appears that is my only choice if I hope to maintain any of my notes within the books. For those I've already bought from O'Reilly, it seems I'm out of luck.

    Here is the relevant Apple KB article:
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