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How can I return my work in its original form?

I edited my .psd for a few days. In parallel, I watched, or rather listened to one of my favorite bloggers on Youtube, but my browser hovered and Adobe Photoshop quickly closed. After I tried to open my .psd file. It was unsuccessful. But for me it's important that I spend a lot of time and energy on this. I have no idea what can be done.
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  • Ultimate solution which might more effective than all listed is photoshop recovery

    It is helpful tip -

    This one article from Adobe, is also can assist you: or

    · Open "My Computer." In Windows XP, the icon is on the desktop. In Windows Vista or Windows 7, you must access this via the "Computer" option in the Start menu.
    · Double-click the "C" drive, followed by the "Windows" folder inside. Locate the temporary Photoshop folder, which will look similar to this: "Photoshop Temp6382948398." Double-click the folder when you find it.
    · Locate the file inside the temporary folder that matches the name of the corrupted file. Double-click it to open it in Photoshop.
    · Click "Save As" in the "File" portion of the main menu bar. Save it in a different location and under a different name.
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