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I’m excited

How about a new book of tech summaries for managers...?

I am here at Web2.0Expo and was looking for some sort of an executive summary of some/many of the new technologies and buzz words in use, like JavaScript, Ruby, Flex, Android, Web2.0, SEO, Cloud and so on and so on...

The content would be like: What is it?, What is it good for?, How is it comaptible with other stuff?, is it Open source/proprietary, and so on...

As a manager being responsible for a major Norwegian website (but not coding it my self), such a summary of like 5-10-15 pages on each of these kind of topics would be very helpful in keeping in track with both internal and external IT-developers. And it would make me more able to talk to and discuss some of these topics with them.

Frankly, I havent got time to read like 50-100 pages on each of these topic to keep myself informed :-)

It is just an idea, that I would like to share with you...

Best regards,

Per Olav Løvbak
Head of Division for web and publishing
Statistics Norway
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