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I’m sad

Help!! Money worries!!

I have a question about investments. I am with UBS and I want out for the time being.Am I being a scardy cat? One of the investments is GE. In two years I have lost $17,000.00 and now I want out before I lose more. I just want to put it in a money market and be safe.
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    I don't really think you want to hear my personal financial advise but I'll add my two cents! ;o) The current decline and state of the (stock market) and economy is frustrating and unsettling. If you are younger investor, it might be worth it to ride out the storm and take a closer look at your portfolio to reassess your investment allocation. If you are ready to retire and don't have much time to see growth and a rebound to your current nest egg, then seek professional advice to cut your losses and make the next move to protect and stabilize your money.

    Mace Bergmann
    O'Reilly Media Inc.--
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