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HELP can i read them???????

zakaria from algeria... i have a lot of books that refer to O'rilly. but i downloaded them "free download" .can i read them. I'm a muslim and islam refuse that "take some thing without a please answer me......
thanks and salam
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  • Assalamu alaikum, Zakaria. Thank you for asking about the use of our electronic files. They are very likely illegal copies, and are therefore haraam. There are conditions when using our books would not be considered theft. For example, there was a case when the Caliph Umar suspended the enforcement of punishment for theft due to a famine. So in your case, I'd ask if there is a famine of books or alternate means to obtaining the information you are after. If there is, then use of the books could be allowed, so long as the user, if he or she was able, intended to use the knowledge gained to help others, and intended to repay the debt at some future time.
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