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I’m frustrated

Head First Wordpress needs re-writing


I just have to say that "Head First Wordpress" is not up to O'Reilly's usual high standards. I've got probably a couple of dozen ORA books and a half dozen or so of the HF series so I've got a baseline expectation. "HF Wordpress" is a wreck, by comparison; it's like trying to follow a scared rabbit in that it darts left, darts right, and then vanishes down a hole.

It a long way from the first example but one good example is: turn to page #71 and attempt to download the "Acmestyle.css" file mentioned on that page. Keep in mind that the download is suggested after the reader has spent several pages trying to follow extremely vague directions on how to edit the style.css file.

I'd strongly suggest that you get someone with the skill level of the intended reader to step through the book while doing the exercises it to uncover all the places where it throws the reader off or leaves him hanging, wondering what to do.

I wrote my first program in 1976 in FORTRAN on punch cards and I've been coding ever since. My NIC handle was PH54 and I've been writing web apps since 1995. This is the first time I've ever felt sufficiently motivated to write about the poor quality of a book (other books have been as bad but I've not expected better from those publishers). I have a feeling the writer was paid by the page and didn't spend much time thinking about what was being presented.

Anyway, I love the ORA products and I will keep buying them but someone needs to re-write "HF Wordpress", from scratch, immediately. It should be pulled from the shelves in the meantime as it's bad for ORA's reputation.

Thank you,

-- Peter.
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